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Events Hub Launch

Welcome to the new VATUK Events Hub.

The Events Hub is a generic system that will be utilized by the Events Department as an interface for many events to come. It is designed specifically to allow the management and creation of web-dependent events without the need for involvement of the Web Services Department thereby lifting some restriction on the amount of web-dependent events throughout the year and also requiring far less time before an event site can be launched.

The Hub will replace the old RealOps System, plus is flexible to currently allow many other booking-style events (e.g. slot-time and non-timed events). Depending upon demand and other projects, the Hub is designed to easily incorporate other event types in the future.

Getting Started

You can get started on the Events Hub my logging in. This will create you an account and prompt you to provide us with your email address for the purpose of bookings.

The latest available events for you to access can be found via either the 'Available Events' or 'Next Event' menu links. These will take you to the sub-sites for each event, allowing you to make bookings and view flights.